The events, the wines

Dégustation - Vin - Paris - Œnologie - Évènement - Séminaire - Team Building - Atelier

All these sensory journeys are bespoke events, some relaxing moments dedicated to discovery and conviviality.

By telling the Wine in a different way, the events by Involuté are for everyone, for the wines connoisseurs as for the amateurs.

The events mix elegance, simplicity, emotions.


They are perfect to animate your seminaries, clients events, team-building events...

Each event can be based on one or several topics, among them wine and food or/and wine and art pairing, regional focus, etc...
Do you have a whish ? Involuté makes it come true.


Dégustation - Vin - Paris - Œnologie - Évènement - Séminaire - Team Building - Atelier