The spirit of Involuté?

Dégustation - Vin - Paris - Œnologie - Évènement - Séminaire - Team Building - Atelier

Wines, emotions, elegance, discoveries...

Involuté organizes bespoke events, for the wine lovers, for the individuals and the professionals, who seeks new wine experiences and discoveries, by a sensory journey. Involuté is also a Wine Club...

Wine is connected to the senses and to the soul. To talk about the wines, Involuté adresses the feelings. As Involuté tells the wines in a different way, with simplicity and emotions, the events by Involuté are for everyone, for the wines connoisseurs as for the amateurs.

Art is like Wine, a matter of senses and soul : Involuté draws a parallel with Art and Wine, for experiencing the wine tasting, to surprise and to delight the people.



Dégustation - Vin - Paris - Œnologie - Évènement - Séminaire - Team Building - Atelier